Passion for Pittsburgh: Living and Loving the City

Pittsburgh is a great city. It is a beautiful, historically significant city with all the cultural amenities, entrepreneurial energy, and urban lifestyle of a big city, yet it maintains the friendliness, accessibility, and familiarity of a small town.  Pittsburgh Fellows shapes and forms future leaders who “see” all of Pittsburgh.  We invest in future leaders who will use their resources for the well-being of the whole city. We love Pittsburgh, and we want it to be a model city where everyone flourishes.

Workplace Excellence: Working as a Christian in the Business World

We are committed to workplace excellence. We recruit and accept bright, hard-working, servant-hearted college graduates with proven leadership skills. Each Fellow works in a challenging professional placement, and we expect that they will perform at the top of their game. In order to help Fellows accomplish this, we surround them with excellent mentors, offer monthly business roundtables where some of the city's top leaders speak, and provide them access to a remarkable network of values-driven, ethical, servant-leaders in the city.   

Christ-like Living: Living What We Believe

Pittsburgh Fellows are committed to living grace-filled, compassionate lives. The program is dedicated to helping Fellows mature in understanding the connection between their faith and professional calling. We believe that God has called us to be Christians in this city - in our homes, in our workplaces, in our friendships, and in our communities. We hope and pray that we will live a grace-filled, Christian lifestyle that simply but deeply affects all we do and touches all with whom we live and work.