• 21 years of age minimum

  • Strong academic record and Bachelors Degree from a four-year college or university

  • Christian faith with a teachable spirit and moral character

  • Demonstrable leadership and communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal relationship skills

  • Desire to integrate faith with vocational calling


  • $6,000 to partially cover administration expenses. $500 of this is due upon acceptance of admission offer.

  • Payment plans available to pay remaining balance throughout program.

Application Process Timeline

Contact Julie McCormick, Program Director. She will set up a time to discuss the program with you. This conversation helps you better understand the program and decide if participation in the Fellows Program
is a good fit for you.

(Optional, but highly recommended.)

Complete application.

Interview with the Admissions Team.

After full acceptance, discuss
job placement with Program Director.

Interview with prospective employers

until a good fit is found.