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Workplace Excellence

What does it mean to integrate faith and work?  How do you lay the foundation for a meaningful career?  Navigating the transition from college to professional life can seem overwhelming.  You don't need to do it alone. 

Pittsburgh Fellows work four days a week in their chosen career field. We provide a competitive salary, offering real work with real pay. Positions are available in a wide range of industries, from software to media, health care to fund administration.  Our employers partner with us to help you launch your career well, using your skills and interests to contribute to the success of your company and providing exceptional opportunities to learn and grow.  You will be supported and challenged as you learn to live a life that seamlessly integrates faith and work.  

Want to remain with your company after the program?  Fellows typically receive offers of full-time employment at the conclusion of their Fellows year.  If you decide to look elsewhere, our network is available to help you land that next job.

Career Development

What does a typical career trajectory look like once you graduate from the program?  Click the link below to see how our Alumni are advancing their careers.

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