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Real work. Real pay.

Fellows are placed in positions based on their career interests and field of study. We accept most majors but are looking for college graduates who have a desire to serve God in business. Our employers are essential to the Fellows experience and offer each Fellow the opportunity to make meaningful contributions at work and take a significant first step in their careers. 

We partner with over 50 employers in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and the list continues to grow. Here are just a few of our partners: 

Macy Miller Headshot

“I would not be the employee that I am today without the Fellows program. I have always been a hard worker, but I lacked the tools necessary to contribute at the highest levels. The Fellows program equipped me to work effectively.”  - Macy Miller ‘23

Your Fellows year is important, but so is what comes next. 

Pittsburgh Fellows has a long history of launching young adults into meaningful careers that provide amazing opportunities to continue growing, contributing and serving the Lord while also earning a competitive salary. Many of our Fellows remain with their employer after the Fellows year. For those who don’t, we help them land their next position.

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