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There’s growth in community.

Community housing provides our Fellows with the opportunity to see each other in the big and small moments. Around the dinner table. After work. Late at night or early in the morning. So much life is lived here. On any given weekend, you’ll find our Fellows spending time together in our shared backyard, welcoming friends into their community and exploring Pittsburgh. 


Pittsburgh consistently ranks as one of our country’s top cities to live and work, especially for young professionals. A hub for technology, business, medicine and more, Pittsburgh is focused on innovation. A beautiful city to walk and bike, we offer great food and coffee, a vibrant music and arts scene and plenty of opportunities to get outdoors on our rivers and trails.


Pittsburgh is a unique place with all the elements of a big city but the welcoming nature of a small town. Home to 90 unique neighborhoods, Pittsburgh’s distinctive character creates a strong sense of pride among its residents. 


Want to learn more about the ‘Burgh? Click here! 


Home to delicious food, coffee shops, unique boutiques and workout spaces, Sewickley is a fantastic home away from home.

A small town and a big city at your fingertips

It’s important to rest.

Life is busy. The world is constantly screaming for your attention. Learning to establish healthy habits of Sabbath rest and reflection is an essential skill to cultivating a vibrant spiritual life. Our program is designed to help you create the space necessary for deepening your spiritual life and walk with the Lord. 


In addition to weekly rhythms of rest, we take several fun retreats throughout the year to get away and focus on our relationships with God and each other.

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